Politics and Corruption

Juazeiro: more one hundred years of mesmice politics and corruption? ' ' What it has of rotten in the kingdom of the Denmark? ' ' Certain made, such investigation was raised and becomes present in one of the most important workmanships of brilliant dramaturgo English William Shakespeare, in Hamlet. The illation brandished for the central personage of the teatral part notadamente turned on the depth and complexity of the treason, and in this briefing assay, we will come back the reflection of the thematic one: ' ' Juazeiro envolta in a mud sea, treason and corrupo' '. The facts that had attracted our attention to communicate and to alert the citizens of Juazeiro in one ' ' cruzade of moralidade' ' , by means of this shout of alert, it was without a doubt, continuum deterioration process politics involving members of the executive and legislative place, translated the binomial: ' ' agaste x desgaste' ' , and having for protagonists the awful beginner and ' ' the novel elite poltica' ' of our city. Everything this, expensive reader to the eves of the centenarian. Already he preceituava Axe of Assis, that, ' ' the vanity is the beginning of corrupo' '. Better analyzing the assertive one of the literato, and admitting that such phenomenon permeia the civil society, in the most complex relations human beings, we will perceive the real necessity of improving in them while human beings, primordially for enormous terms delegated to be able and responsibilities to that they represent in them in the confused configuration of the Democratic State of Right. But, after all, which is the meaning of the word corruption? CORRUPTION drift of Latin corruptus, that it means ' ' broken in pedaos' ' , ' ' apodrecido' ' , ' ' ptrido' '. CORRUPTION, expensive friend and juazeirense reader, also comes from Latin corruptione, to denote, depravation, perversion and demoralization.