Popular Assembly

A people as the Brazilian has that to make right in its participativa politics. He can be in the creation of popular assemblies pra to choose its representatives, either by means of the free vote, as in the associations of inhabitants, aboriginal and quilombos groups. With support of a new to be able, that he can approach to the organisms of churches, as cnbb, crb, cnl, among others ongs that they are spread by all Brazil. With support of popular countersignature he could also place in action the power of the people, through permanent evaluation actions directed toward the interest of the nation. Learn more at: Richard Blumenthal. The national hymn could be the hymn the Native land, therefore it more than says the life of the people and surpasses the positivismo of the current hymn. Beyond stimulating the recriao of the habitation of the aboriginal peoples, therefore the Guaranis, Tremembs, Tapepas, Timbiras, among others are without lands. The cultural revolution with new a meaning of native nation would be implanted, with support of the movement quilombola. In the traditional schools mirins could create the bosoms, to create in garotada the citizenship of small. One another Brazil politician with another one had been of organization broke thought it of the people who eurocntrica deferred payment and is not possible here.