Republic Good

In the final straight line of the elections, I could observe some attacks of right forces in the Brazilian society that go against the Party of the Workers. The indisfarvel objective is to reach its candidate to the presidency of the Republic from a clearly ideological confrontation and thus to open spaces for the advance of another candidacy that comes if venturing to openly absorb and to represent a brutal retrocession in the social conscience of the Brazilian people. It is clearly that what is in game is clearly retrograde an ideological campaign, rightist and opportunist. When in the truth the same ones would have to be reafirmamar that relative subjects to the human rights are universal and indivisible and need to be defended by all the social actors who comungam of honest form its commitment with the dignity human being. With the PT in the power, truth is, poor had started to have a regular feeding, what it is good, had started to also have refrigerator and computer, very good. Less poor they can buy cars. However, they continue without basic sanitation, suffering with the illnesses without solution, coexisting the slum quarters and its catastrophes, the massacrante public transport, the increasing chaos and the urban violence, without education of quality, constituting a mass of functional illiterates. I understand that economic stability and magnifying of the popular access the material good of consumption are basic, but if this will not be made compatible with rise of the cultural and humanistic standard of the society, will walk for the past, therefore the ethics of the future and the socialism are not of having, but of the being.