Rio De Janeiro

Whereas the Northeast and the Southeast had had a negative balance of 86,6 a thousand and 215,3 a thousand, respectively. In the five following years, the balances of people who had started to live less of the people who had left to live in each one of the regions are the following ones: South? 98,9 a thousand positives, Southeast? 12,4 a thousand negatives, Northeast? 187,9 a thousand negatives, North? 35,2 a thousand negatives and Center-West? 136,6 a thousand positives. It is observed that north-eastern it continues having much more people who leave what they enter, even so in lesser amount. The Center-West if configures as the biggest polar region of attraction of migrantes the search of better chances. In the PNAD of 2004, the four states that had presented the biggest negative flows had been So Paulo (less 155,2 a thousand), Rio De Janeiro (less 89,6 a thousand), Bahia (less 88,3 a thousand) and Maranho (less 77.1 a thousand). The four states with the biggest positive flows had been Gois (147 a thousand positives), Mato Grosso (111, 7 a thousand positives), Santa Catarina (75,02 a thousand positives) and Par (47,7 a thousand positives). How much to the PNAD of 2009, the four states with the biggest negative flows are Bahia (less 108,3 a thousand), So Paulo (less 53, 3 a thousand), Par (less 41,9 a thousand) and Alagoas (less 36,8 a thousand). The four states with the biggest positive flows had been Gois (129 a thousand positives), Santa Catarina (80,5 a thousand positives), Espirito Santo (52,7 a thousand positives) Paran (31,7 a thousand positives).

Historically, in Brazil always it had migratory flows of people in search of improvement in the standard of living and certainly it will continue having, even so of diffuser form in reason of some polar regions of located growth of the economy in some parts of the country. The great centers already do not attract as much people as it occurred has two decades, now are having a chain of people whom they search to live in average cities whose economic dynamics has been stronger. Unhappyly, exactly with affirmative politics and of income it was not possible to revert the northeast migratory flow, either even so currently very lesser of what it occurred has some decades, still is substantial. Considering itself that the people leave its regions because they very exist better places for, the necessary Northeast is concluded that to improve sufficiently to become attractive region to live itself. Something similar to the state of So Paulo can be said that in the ten years covered for the two last PNAD about 210 a thousand people not they had left to live in this state without other people occupied its places.