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Today’s health – an economic .Esli has a clear mind, good memory, strong, slender body – he is usually successful in everything: in the (business) in the family, in relations with lyudmi.K Unfortunately, in today’s world, no one, even the most expensive menu is not in a position to ensure intake of all essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, beneficial bacteria. Many have already realized that the timely cleaning and protecting the body from toxins, restoring the balance of nutrients and daily support for all body functions – the most rational way to a flawless health. More than 10 years of experience of doctors with the Russian company phytocomplex ArtLife showed that not all of the disease in its early stages require the use of aggressive chemotherapy (drugs). And the effect is obtained while taking supplements indicates that they are – a good assistant in the treatment of virtually all chronic diseases, as well as a proven means of prevention and rehabilitation. So what supplements: a medicine or not? Of course, it’s not drugs. But, dear reader, let us remember what our ancestors were treated? Dietary supplements due to its composition (plant extracts and minerals) and quality are wonderful, natural remedy, healing from the majority of Mt. disease (not requiring an emergency).

The Russian manufacturer natural products and food supplements NGOs ‘ArtLife’ (Tomsk), collaborates with leading scientific centers of Russia: Institute of Medical Sciences, Moscow honey. Academy. Medical Academy, St. Petersburg med. Academy. Mechnikov Beauty Institute (Moscow), id, is a member of the government programmy’Zdorove nation. “The company is certified according to international quality standards: iso 9001 – 2000; GMP; haccp. ngo specialists ArtLife developed an entire system active preventive medicine for adults and children: a program to prevent strokes and heart attacks, a comprehensive program of cleansing and strengthening the immunity, ‘Antistress” flexible joints’ ‘Weight Loss’ -‘ No colds! ” In other developed countries the use of food supplements – is part of the medical culture of population towards the daily care of their health. (Author) Chief physician of the medical center ‘Patron’. Member of the Russian Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists.