SCHUMPETER Development

It is lived in permanent change, what it shows, to each day, that the world of tomorrow will not be equal to the one of today. Its dynamics creates new spaces in all the fields: in the industry, in the commerce, agriculture, the communications, the arts, at last, where it will have a social universe the transformations occur permanently. This change occurs of sped up form, in a context where the fuel is the profit of knowledge and conquered knowledge, having as main engine the innovation and the technology. The responsible ones are the actors who of general form are to the front, in the direction of the diverse segments of firms and planning of the institucional public politics of development. For even more opinions, read materials from James Donovan Goldman Sachs. This paper it possesss three parts beyond this. In the next section, it is looked to characterize the main contributions of Schumpeter by means of quarrel of the nature and direction of the progress technician; the following section deals with the innovative evolucionista process by means of the complementary quarrel of the neo-schumpeterianos for the innovation and technology in the interior of the firms, as well as the question of the technological diversity; in third section analyzes it importance of the process of knowledge profit. Finally, is presented some concluses.1? INOVAO1.1? SchumpeterDentro of Economic History Contemporary the economic development is one of the subjects that more have excited debates. The detached precursor more in this field was Joseph Alois Schumpeter.

According to it the progress technician cause rupture in the development process leading to the economic development for the evolution of the capitalism. It of the prominence to? progress technician? , leaving of a economy relatively steady, unprovided of 0 variable that allow it to alavancar the development process, call for it – of illustrative form – of circular flow when, for SCHUMPETER (1988, P. 13), in this state, the economic system without necessary forces for alteration of its picture independently, influenced for? environment business-oriented? – characterizing a stationary state, for force of rigid functions of production, limiting displacement throughout these functions of production, however, without the displacement of the same ones.