Science Politics

She standed out that it Lucy is the best dancers who already had appeared in Egypt and Arab the whole world. To the being asked on Dina, Fifi said frankly that it would be a substitute dancer for it and Lucy. Much even so it or Lucy did not leave of if to present because of a migraine, Dina could be called for such eventuality. Regarding the commentary of Dina on the dance to be a religious taboo, Fifi observed that if thus it was because it (Dina) danced in first place and later she behind came back in its decision to stop. Fifi Abdo spends as much time in the court how much in its shows. It does not leave without its bodyguard to protect it of the excesses of the admirers or the opponents. The most recent argument was with the Egyptian singer Sherine Seif. The media the celebrity of Fifi Abdo allows it a good covering for the press.

Some notice are rumors and/or speculation, others nor in such a way. Here it is a sample of the notice on Fifi: In 2006, the donation of foods to the poor persons for professional dancers (including Fifi Abdo) during the Branches it caused controversy. Some religious leaders had declared that it is sin (they haram) poor to eat them what doubtful during the Branches is donated by the dancers of dance of the womb and by other artists of reputation. In August of 2005, the wig of Fifi caught fire during the filming of the scene of the bath of the baby of the novel You ' r al hub (Bird of the love). Fifi Abdo vehemently denied the rumors of that its Hanadi son would have plans of if becoming actress. Attending a course Science Politics in the American University of the Cairo, Hanadi did not accept innumerable offers to estrelar productions, because it does not desire to be the center of the attentions.