Second World War

The merit of de Gaulle during the Second World War was to save the dignity of France. Military contribution to the troops who were under his command, in the outcome of the war was minor: the war in Europe in any case would have won the Soviet Union and Western allies, with or without France. Rejecting all entreaties from fellow convey troops to the British army, as did the Poles, Czechs, Danes and Belgians, he proved that France is still alive and struggling for itself, and conducted the course with daring obstinacy. Charles de Gaulle was able, at least in part, to free France from the contempt with which it might apply after the disaster of 1940, and after the war in full to recover the position of one of the Big Five States. Charles de Gaulle in France feel "the last great Frenchman" – a person standing on a par with Charles the Great, Joan of Arc and Napoleon. He considered it his duty protect the interests of the country – those in desperate situations, when every other politician refused, believing themselves powerless. That's why he stayed in the memory of great Frenchmen, in spite of all his human weaknesses and errors.

Charles de Gaulle was born in Lille, France, November 22, 1890, into an aristocratic family. His father, a nobleman, he taught philosophy and literature at a Paris college of Jesuits. He was a man of right-wing and called himself "longing monarchist. " His mother was a woman of de Gaulle's deeply religious and her five children brought up in the spirit of Catholicism.