Smart Support

Branding in the TV must be not costly. Smart TV app will be reached with a 10 million households. Who represents his brand already stable on the Web and in the mobile market, should connect smart TVs now. The app stores are still manageable. The domestic market is fast. This way of branding should be used also over competitors. Who is there first, perceived faster and as innovative. With smart TV devices is a new marketing channel for businesses.

With a high-quality and interesting smart TV app to support its branding in this channel. The same GmbH in Lunen is a experienced software service provider in this step to the side. To establish its own brand in the traditional television, is very costly. With the smart TVs which is however much easier. 10 Million German households already own a smart TV trend. This Internet-enabled TVs have an own app store with a quite manageable compared to the app stores of the smartphone maker app range. Smart TV apps are just for high-quality videos and photos an ideal way to achieve greater range.

Product photos and films in HD quality are perceived smart unlike TV on one as on the PC. Thus the new family car or the next vacation can be scheduled easily from the couch with the whole family. A company receives a different attention immediately. Right now is a good opportunity for companies to establish their brand. Smart TV app stores are quite manageable. Companies that want to place value on innovation and reach the audience in ways online, require a smart TV app. Only those who from the outset it can establish itself before the competition “, says Managing Director Jorg Viola. The same GmbH provides desired content as TV app with own TV software. The contents of the app can be extended at any time. Also the user behaviour of app users can be analysed and evaluated. Learn more about smart TV apps can be found on the same Web page: tv/smart-tv.html contact: Julia Manasterni same GmbH at the Brambusch 22 44536 Lunen 0231 58 69 58 11