The first error is ideological: the European finish giving the back to the socialism because they do not think that prescriptions of a century ago can solve the today problems. Protecting to an increasing number of unemployed like creating jobs does not worry to them as much, task for which trusts more the parties of rights. A next example: the campaign of the party of Jose Montilla in Catalonia, with posters in which it was seen Berlusconi, Aznar, Bush what has to do the man in this history? and a legend: They are going to remove from the crisis those to us that have put to us in her? That negative appeal, without future illusion, him has cost to the PSC 200,000 votes. Worse it has gone to him to Gordon Brown, only two benches to turn to the Labour Party member into the fourth British party, and also to the languid formation of the French Martine Aubry, even with the green ones of Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Until the Portuguese Jose Scrates, bran with great difficulty of the burning fire, will have to be put under east Wednesday a motion of censorship. To national scale, the things have not gone better.

To until now imbatido Rodriguez Zapatero him has not been enough his anthropological optimism and after the defeat of 7-J new fronts are abren to him: the historical Socialists Felipe Gonzlez and Joaquin Leguina, for example, question already publicly how she is managing this economic crisis. As much the ex- president, as Javier Solana and enough other coreligionists, even is against the closing of the nuclear power station of Garoa, while Joaquin Almunia, Fernandez Ordo’6nez and some more speaks already without tapujos to reform the labor market, in search of greater productivity, formation of the workers and adaptation to the new economy. They are not, then, few the events that have happened in only one week.