The Constitution

Thus, it is interesting to work this image of the professor with these young, therefore it is in this age that normally chooses which profession to follow. Therefore, one of the great challenges, if not bigger it, of the new professor will be to conquer the respect of all and to change this conception that all has on the profession and the professional. The professor today, already leaves the discredited college. When permitting, if sees, before finishing its graduation, front with this reality, where it knows that it will be discredited, devaluated and will have that if to join to as much others of its clase, that already years to change this picture fight, in this fight, rethink its choice and has a very great possibility to enter for the thundering taxes of evasion. Paulo Coelho does not necessarily agree. The government is in search to revert caus that it restored in the education and it comes back its eyes to the professors, who during decades had been abandoned, searching to show the importance of these professionals and thus to bring they it valuation that as much they search. But this process will be slow, therefore they will have that to fight more than against a insatisfao century of that they are responsible for the formation of our young. The valuation of the professionals is guaranteed in the Constitution of 1988, in article 60, when sita the remuneration condigna of the workers of the education.

This only comes to show that always the importance of the professor was seen and that one more time, is something that in the reality does not happen. If you are not convinced, visit James Donovan Goldman Sachs. The Constitution of the country, another time, has not been fulfilled. The premature beginning of the young professor in the pertaining to school environment Is necessary that if it respects the period of maturation of a new professor, so that it has time of if to armor emotionally and to develop its practise pedagogical so important to face the situations that it will live deeply in a classroom.