The Future

Get up and dedicate yourself to enjoy every second of your life. 6: Promises that you will feel such enthusiasm from the successes of others, as per yours. Avoid being selfish, envious and spiteful, these feelings only bring more negative thoughts that distract you and away from happiness. 7: Promises to forget the mistakes of the past and follow fighting for the great challenges of the future. That inner sorrow that we feel when we make a mistake or misbehave, which we call remorse, only removes us energies. Best concentrates your energy in repair that error and love all around you.

Remember that love is the great source of enthusiasm. 8: Promises that your face will always be friendly and cheerful, and thou shalt offer a smile to everyone you encounter. Remember that which gives a smile is a smile. 9: Promises to devote all the time for your own improvement do not have nor a time to criticize others. Prevents damage to others with offensive comments; He speaks only to make others feel good.

10: Promises to put enthusiasm to everything you do. It always acts as if you were full of enthusiasm. You start faking it, but then feeling and will end up spreading it. If you make your living a boring life, the guilty are you. If you do it a great adventure with joy and enthusiasm, you are also responsible for. It now takes the firm determination of doubling the amount of enthusiasm that you’ve dedicated to your work and your life. If you carry out this resolution, get ready to see amazing results. You probably doblaras your income and double your happiness. When you wake up in the morning you have to decide between being happy and enjoy the day, or drag you by the soils, semi-muerto, seeking only to survive. What you choose? Chooses love instead of hate chooses laugh instead of cry chose to create instead of destroy choose persevere rather than resign chooses praise instead of criticizing choose to heal rather than hurt chooses give instead of hoarding chooses to act rather than defer chooses grow instead of corrupting you choose to pray rather than cursing chooses to live rather than die!