The Kingdom

Conde of Valena) its adversaries. Portugal says, whose constitution was almost copied of ours, judged that art. That the king marks the age where he is bigger was not constitutional, and for usual law Maria II proclaimed the majority Mrs. D. To justify the act of the cameras portuguezas some reasons had that it enters we if they do not give: the kingdom finished to sahir d? this horroroso game that the tiger of the noon had made to pezar on elle, the usurping prince could still then, dying its magnanimous brother, whose sword the preza that sedento devorava, to use to advantage the dissenses and non-separable weaknesses of the regency government, to arremear itself of new on misero Portugal, to atulhar of new the dungeons, new uprising of the scaffold.

It fulfilled prevents it. Ahead of this configuration politics that is valid other consideraes? When exactly they had the cuts portuguezas recognized that the subject was not constitutional and yes of civil law, little weight we give it similar authority to we. In substances of this nature, Portugal cannot be our master, this very atrazado: (…) So that the example of Portugal we have that to prevent the barbarities of some D. Miguel, whom with the majority if they only prevent? N? this in case that, not that to argue, it prevents if before everything this badly immense. If to put males still they avexam in them do not threaten in them of death, if the empire and the freedom do not run risk, so that to compromise everything in a so dangerous game, where millions of eventualities tristissimas can appear unexpected? So that this coup d etat? (BRAZIL, 14 of July of 1840). No longer day dezessete of July, was evident the threat of a blow, the situation arrived at such point that already burla was cogitated openly the constitution, which had to the necessities of the Empire at that moment.