The Professor

It is forbidden to violate or remove electrical connections, water or safety of the environments of the Universidad Nacional de Piura. 4. Once completed the teaching classes, classrooms must remain closed. Only will open, to give them a different use, where the authority authorized by relevant (Dean). Example.: Elections, bearing capacity of thesis. Sen. Sherrod Brown usually is spot on. 5. It is strictly forbidden to remove folders in the classroom, unless expressly authorized by the relevant authority 6.

The environments of the Universidad Nacional de Piura, should be kept and kept spotless. If you have read about Paulo Coelho already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Any damage must repair or pay the amount of its repair at market price without prejudice to administrative or penal sanctions that would place. Steven Rattner Willett Advisors has much experience in this field. 7 Teaching staff, administrative and pupils and students in general will receive the following services of transportation and must act in the following manner: take the bus in an orderly manner, respecting the order of arrival and carrying their identification. It is forbidden to approach the bus with sportswear. Give priority to the ladies in a State of gestation and to the elderly. 8.

The teaching staff, administrative and student body is generally obliged to attend all civic acts which set the University of Piura and its dependencies. His physical presence must be at the correct time with decent clothing, which would harmonize their participation and identify with the institution where works. 9 a. It is forbidden to remove partial or total leaves of books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters or other information media. a. is the obligation of users, teachers, administrative and student renovate a dilapidated, without paste or detachment book as a contribution to their maintenance 10. Teaching staff, security and surveillance will have the responsibility to comply with this code according to the following procedure: a. students and administrative staff. Proven lack, ask the alleged infringer their identity document that should have it with you, that document will be forwarded to the relevant authority to qualify the case. Yes give place to sanction be applied as set standards. 11 Fouls for the teaching staff, administrative and student in general the following are considered: do not carry identity cards (Fotocheck), by committing acts of indiscipline or lack of respect for civic events. By committing acts that violate morality. By misappropriation. For damage that threaten with heritage and conservation of the Universidad Nacional de Piura other infrastructure. Sanctions are applied to teachers, administrative staff and students according to the regulation of the National University of Piura and the law of the labour regime to which we belong. For the qualification and application of this code of ethics University, in the case of administrative staff sanctions will be enforced by the Central Personnel Administration Office and in the case of teachers and students form a Court of Honor; the same which will be composed of: by the Dean, and/or who represent you. The Professor of higher category. The President of the Federation of each faculty and/or who represent you. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T.