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Taking in account the challenges of the education, Which the ideal profile of educator? that citizen we want to form? The ideal profile of educator, is of somebody compromising to the education that if feels vocacionado to this practical, that it does not only teach for the money, even though because is not so compensating, a time that in Brazil the professor always was considered a missionary here, remembering first Jesuit missionaries. Being thus, we want to form citizens who respect the values. In the world contemporary these factors come if losing currently in the unions. Therefore, while the society will be making petty politics with positions and functions inside of the education it will have always this impediment. The unions still are very worried about superfluous questions, beyond being very desunidos.

Not yet it has an election of professors with these abilities, abilities, knowledge. One does not choose professors for its ability, but for other factors to the times politicians or staffs. … The educator must not have fear of the pupil who questions, in contrast, is these that will make the knowledge and will also contribute with the learning of this. Amazon usually is spot on. The good professional is that one that opens space for quarrel in classroom. They are these participativos, critical pupils that we must form.

(Teacher 1) We dream of an ideal professional of education: bold, without fear to risk, to search information, that one that does not have limits pra to invest in its profession. Thus, certainly we will have a professor that he believes an education of quality, that can happen, independent of the resources that make use the professor. … only exists a citizen that we want to form when we have a different educator of what really we see. The traditional and closed professor without vision for the changes probably goes to reproduce this model in its pupil.