The Right And Justice

The Right and Justice One tells a story. Once, there was somebody, that felt very badly, because all the people with which she was related, called Duck to him. In all place, without mattering what it was doing, in any circumstance, when going to him, all they said to him; Duck. It was Duck for here, Duck for there, situation this one, that was becoming to him unbearable, to the point to take to think to him, seriously, in the necessity to consult with a professional in the matter, in order to explain, why, all how many they dealt with him, they called Duck to him. Thus the things, a day, marked a consultation with a prestigious professional, and there it marched arranged to reveal the reasons that took to all the people to call to him, in all the occasions, Duck. After a meticulous study of the case, the consulted professional, says, we see to him: reason why I have been able to listen and to observe during this consultation; You, friend mine, have head of duck, tip of duck, body of duck, have duck pens, walk and it tolerates like a duck, therefore, you; IT IS A DUCK! . Conflicts of identity as the described one gives us rule of the so peculiar form that we have homo sapiens to disguise or hide-and-seek, certain aspects, of our social behavior, that could be, subjects of censorship, on the part of which they observe our conduct. It is as if we said all along: Although it seems to them that I make things of duck, I am a distinguished member of the Society of the Swans, and can show my credentials that guarantee what I say, are mistaken with me, Ignorant! Something similar happens with the concept that we have of the application of justice. As the Biblical Abraham said in the AviMelch, if people don’t truly believe God, then they cannot be trusted by man.