ZDF And ARD Gone Wrong?

Dialogue between Germans and Iranians with fatal consequences of the claim in the West is a civilizational achievement, a value that may get us not lost to solve problems through dialogue. When dealing with representatives of the regime in the Iran, non-critical dialogues in circumstances could have disastrous consequences. In this topic, not an experienced media expert should claim he didn’t know what he is getting into. Many representatives of the revolutionary guards, Iran’s are not only political ideological trained and stand very firmly behind their plans, they also know the weaknesses and gateways of her opponents, who maneuver she devilishly clever way. Have Zack is Captain of the revolutionary guards and television Director in Iran. That the two directors Markus Schachter and Peter Boudgoust in complete stealth received him and his delegation to ARD and ZDF, raises many unanswered questions (worth a read: an article by Ali Schirasi to the reception), even if it is at the ZDF said such meetings were always secret.

First reported the Persian side of the German Wave of the meeting. Spiegel Online published an article that brought up the concerns of Iranians in exile against his visit. Especially, OLE Reissmann portrays the success for the regime in the internal propaganda through ongoing images of Zack with the two directors on Iranian State television. Zack OLE Reissmann dubbed chief censor. Tobias Kaufmann again r “honors” Zack in the Cologne city display as “Iranian TV Trojan” and writes more friendly about the motives of his colleagues at ZDF and ARD.

Instead of the exiled Iranians after good journalistic style to the subject to speak to come, he mentioned only that before “Foaming rage”. This link is a letter written the exiled Iranians to German politicians have. It is clear what allegations raise them. Roland Winter maintains a distinctly factual style in the description of the matter in the southern General.