Development Levels

That is to unconditioned level of development of the nervous system information is gained, eventually, gene type organisms and therefore are a form of the individual organism is essentially a form of of species of organisms. With the birth of the ability of the nervous system by means of conditioned reflexes to acquire useful information in the individual development of an organism starts its development an individual shape of the body in the form of conditioned reflex activity of the nervous system, which in the phylogeny of the nervous system undergoes several quality levels of their development. Apart from unconditioned – the species – the quality of the development of forms of the organism, the first quality of an individual form of the organism is an organization of which carried out by means of conditioned reflexes to the ratio of objects of reality, ie, on qualitative, quantitative, temporal and spatial relationships of the conditioned stimuli. Base flow of these reflexes are temporary bonds formed in the process of reflection of the nervous system interaction of the organism with the objects of reality. Every individual perceives an object or process reality, ie every object of perception is a combination of certain elementary relations conditioned stimuli, the perception of which is carried out through specialized data on the stimuli analyzers. Temporary bonds formed between the foci of excitation, born in the brain signals from these analyzers, fixed ratio of these sources of excitation, and these relations are the focus of excitation, reflecting the ratio Elementary conditioned stimuli perceived object (situation), forms in the brain image of the object – the image of perception.