Horoscope And Astrology

Horoscope in astrology, fortune-telling person, based on the observation of celestial bodies. Horoscope indicates the location of all stars at the birth of any person, on what basis and is based prediction. In esoteric literature there are four types of horoscopes: Earth, which includes meteorology, seismology, agriculture, government, concerning the fate of states, nations and rulers; hourly (for the immediate issues and specific situations); general, concerning the fate of man from birth to death. Consider the general horoscope concerning human destiny. In addition to widespread zodiac horoscope, horoscope, there are still Druids, floral horoscope, etc.

The most used – Oriental zodiac horoscope. Zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scales, Scorpion, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, fish. Horoscope for today horoscope tomorrow, horoscope of the week, Daily Horoscopes, horoscope for the month will help you plan your time and your actions as efficiently as possible, to avoid possible conflicts, do not miss smiling luck. Horoscope compatibility love horoscope, sexy horoscope, personal horoscope, horoscope for men and women, the compatibility of the zodiac that's not a complete list of disclosures of faces. Horoscope compatibility will help you choose the second half and avoid sharp angles in a relationship. Love horoscope in conjunction with sexual horoscope can help you better know the partner, his desires and preferences, will help open up loving each other. Astrological forecast can be different. There is such a thing as astromeditsina – the science that assigns diagnoses treatment on the basis of horoscope.

The ancients, for all diseases astromeditsinoy use only. Zodiac signs are assigned to read parts of the body: Aries – head, face, Taurus – throat, neck; twins – shoulders, forearms, hands, cancers – stomach, lung, lion – back, heart, virgin – the lower part of the stomach, intestine, scales – the kidneys, nerves, scorpion – groin , spine; Sagittarius – hips, joints; Capricorn – knees, skin, bone skeleton Aquarius – leg muscles, ankles, fish – feet, toes. The classification is conditional and does not constitute a rams only headache, but the lions – a myocardial infarction. Astrology identifies weaknesses places in each horoscope along with the strengths. More info: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. The ancients discovered the law connecting the mankind and the universe: the man is a microcosm. Everyone is a miniature model of the cosmos. All those forces that create universe, and also operate in all people. Should be considered the birth horoscope as a whole, rather than as a collection of disparate elements. Sunny sign of a man is usually the dominant astrological pointer horoscope and the key to a quick interpretation of the nature of man. Your horoscope is the fulcrum of life that you lead. You – your own Sun, the center of your own universe, a microcosm, which revolves around life. You – your own destiny. Horoscope should be a living creature card of fate. Studying it constantly, seeing how others relate to your horoscope, and include an analysis of current and future planetary transits, you make a transformation of his personality. For understanding ourselves is important to distinguish how implemented in the horoscope of male and female. Maleness is implemented largely through the aspects that constitute a horoscope, Sun and Mars, the feminine aspect is realized through the influence of Saturn and the Moon. Horoscope – not a passive tool, but a means for the dynamic realization of the potential that lies in the seed of life. Grow your self – a job for life given to you at birth.