Japan Needs Qualified Professionals

Who rides a tiger is in danger of not being able to download nuncio.Proverbial Japanese national university must face the more seriously the responsibility the challenges currently facing the country is required to realize that the country needs qualified professionals able to make way for transformations towards the resolution of serious problems currently present in the political, educational, economic, cultural, social. It requires a critical analysis, scientific natural and social reality and give way to new knowledge.

The university must contribute directly and indirectly that of step change that the country is demanding, especially before the performance of a government that is leading to changes that the country had ever faced, especially when the Bolivarian Revolution is ready to get to the last consequences for achieving their goals, that of a social situation in Venezuela’s politics and economics, ideology with which the country was not identified in Take note that the university is sometimes the only center of higher learning and the only place where there can be science. Where are the talents that are required to cooperate with the changes that are needed to bring the country forward. We must pay more attention on building a true national university policy. So far as Professor Krebs said, we have not been able to have a common policy. Each university must be in isolation. Continues the old controversy between state universities and private universities. All universities are fundamentally the same and it is enough that a determined effort to take the others will follow.

Living Simply On the Street

You, citizen, man on foot, as cliche often called those who live simply or opt for simplicity, leave home to do an errand and immediately any encounters with the undeniable: nearly run over by a motorized crossing the street. Replacement shock after corroborate that he was not crazy enough to hit the streets with green traffic light, loose an expletive and continues its path towards its target, forgetting such drivers as you move along the sidewalk. a But you know, with certainty, that there is more cross on, they must cross, and life begins to occur as a random, an adventure, where their safety seems to be a game, no fun, indeed.

A can not help thinking it’s just a common man, middle class or lower level (let politics), which comes to take a walk into town with all the rights that gives you live in and called by name . But while walking down the sidewalk knows, from experience, by the feelings of the people who travels in street that this feeling or aspiration is not only a sovereign bullshit, simply because there seems to be anyone or anything that put a stop to such adrenaline on wheels, motorized clear without any legal restraint, no legal card to shall comply with, or officers or public action that force. a The fact envision a juggling of them come evicting people from the street where you walk confirms it, from more consistent to think that there is not even a small notion of the city, citizenship, convention law, contract or joint agreement to follow certain rules of understanding that the fewer illusions that you can live with some peace in Caracas. .

Collusion with the CIA

The various avenues of research a) The right-wing movements in collusion with the CIA The Swedish right wing, part of the European Party workers came from long ago Palme accusing of being a Soviet KGB agent in charge of introducing communism in Sweden . Also, key members of the Swedish Navy Palme accused of wanting to weaken the bloc policy wishing to establish relations with communism Soviet. At the same time, British and American sectors also came to be the subject of criticism from Palme to the liberal economic and labor policies. The first suspect would be Victor Gunnarson and that at the time the crime was near the place and also was known for his ties to the far right and his repeated attacks on Palme for his socialist politics and active strain between the blocks. Public opinion and political pressure demanded the prompt arrest of the culprit. Therefore, the Swedish police tried to force witnesses and false evidence to fix blame to Gunnarson and give the public what it demanded.

On March 12, 1986 would be arrested as a suspect on charges of being the alleged perpetrator of the shooting by an impulsive action under the influence of a temporary mental disorder, although oriented Palme for their political beliefs. Proved his innocence, Gunnarson be installed in the U.S. where he would find death Salisbury (North Carolina) eight years later (on January 7, 1994) with two bullets in the head by the attacks of jealous of his girlfriend’s former lover.

The Fallacy Of Socialism In Ecuador

It is known that Ecuador’s continued failure product politicians have long sought illusions of social welfare and a good life, these illusions of the Ecuadorian people trained so far by the hope of improving the social problems currently facing both have never been heard, but rather have been ignored by successive governments, and this situation has not changed. Maybe those dreams were put in the current government which was conducted personally when possession of it, I felt a pride and a hope for change, but time has passed and that hope has been lost in society, not over While logically makes you forget the ideals of the fragility of memory, but by the sudden change and incomprehensible that envisions a north towards chaos and unforeseen arises from the lack of communication and concessions which the government lacks.

It’s so hard to explain what has happened in Ecuador and all political phenomena that are surprising yet tried to do an analysis to get us somewhat in doubt that is what is happening. The current President of Ecuador is undoubtedly a leader, but a novice in politics very bold in the art of influencing any tool to reach and adapt to an end, is clothed with the trappings of socialism, justice and fairness, all these “dreams” cherished forever and never achieved in our society, not now in an era supposedly living the beginning of a revolution Cuban type, same as it feeds on a strong advertising but not in evidence practice.

Defining Democracy

Posted by Mr. Aldo Abram in the blog CIIM While we Argentines filled the mouth with the word “democracy”, we rarely worry about defining and often have no doubt that we are talking about the same thing. In my opinion it is a system that allows the election and change of government in a peaceful manner, through the vote of citizens. The basic conditions for living in a democracy are: a) the possibility that anyone can be proposed as candidate, b) that every citizen has the right to vote in the electoral act, and c) freedom of expression and opinion in order to participate in the discussion policy. So, can we talk about democracy when citizens are afraid of the reaction of the government, the views they might express? Therefore, it is despicable what happened to Mrs. Mirtha Legrand (). It should be noted that public officials are entitled to give their views and defend his administration, but always from the base of respect for citizens, which have been mandated. On the other hand, the Argentines and us have become accustomed to a subjugation of our rights by the government of the day is “covered” by a new institutional scandal.

I no longer remember the aberration of a media law that restricts freedom of choice for viewers and listeners. Especially those inside can not listen to their favorite announcers who make their programs in the Federal Capital, because in times of radio stations in the interior may not be resubmitted. Anyone who listens to the radio knows that the existing supply is ample and you can not talk about “monopolies” or lack of diversity of channels to voice an opinion. However, in addition, media law is a monster from the constitutional point of view. Therefore, we recommend reading the following article which, simply, allows a better understanding of the severity of their punishment.

It was in the newspaper La Nacion, January 11, 2010, pp. 13, wrote Dr. Marcela Basterra and is entitled “Who should defend the Constitution?” What Above is the view of Mr. Aldo Abram, executive director of the Research Center on Institutions and Markets in Argentina (C II MA-ESEADE) More articles and opinion pieces on economics, politics and social welfare.