PR Campaigns

And even now, in an age of pr campaigns, the man is hard to imagine that the entire history of Christianity could be one of the first PR-technologies, developed and launched Future Catholics. On the third hand, in our modern times is becoming less and less people, not only do not read the Bible, but believing in God. In such a situation quite naturally does not touch the article, "The second birth of Jesus occurred in Lugansk and ask another question: can we trust the Bible, Christianity or any religion? Can I do believe in God? Or are the Communists, preaching the ideas of atheism, are right in saying that religion – the opium of the people. It is impossible today not to recall the fact that the very leaders of the Church over the years fewer and fewer believe in God and the truths which they preached. And in this pretty easy to make, analyzing the action of today's church leaders who are fighting not only for the holy ideals, but for the good and the church's own authority.

After all, even despite the fact that the authority Catholic Church – the progenitor Bible – Today in the society has fallen dramatically, it is only in America continues to receive an annual income of around 102 billion dollars. And even the revenues of such a religious organization conservative Catholics as "Opus Dei", numbering in their ranks, only about 85,000 believers, about which no books of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code "very little anyone knew, receives an annual income of $ 2.8 billion. Therefore, it is not surprising that faith in God has always been an expensive commodity, and that because of her many "ministers" of God went to great lengths to get yourself as much power and money.