The Language of Socrates

The book Crtilo de Plato is a workmanship that was written in sc. V B.C. and denotes the questions of what it would be the vehicle to communicate itself with the world? The language. But, as this communication must be made? How the words must be adjusted? Why the justeza of them was so defended for that philosopher? Why to determine the justeza of the names? Who or it determines what it? All these fidgets are being raised for the proper reader and Hermgenes, one of the personages who dialogue with Scrates, that one that would bring the light to these questionings around the language. Scrates is a figure of old Greece that, when knowing that it knows, searchs in the other the confirmation of its to know, showing that this another one also knows. But, it knows what? What takes it to know? Other dialogues exist as Fedro where Plato affirms that the language is a remedy for the knowledge, therefore for the dialogue obtains to discover our proper ignorance and to learn with the others. In this threshold of quarrels, another one appears old philosopher who argues the knowledge from the language.

In the opening of the workmanship Politics, Aristotle affirms that only the man is one ' ' animal poltico' ' , that is, social and civic, because only it is endowed with language. The other animals possess voice and with it states pain and pleasure, but the man possesss the logos who, differently of the mythos, develops itself in the language as to be able of rational knowledge e, with it, he feels and he communicates. The myth has the power to make with that the things are in the accurate way that are said. The language in such a way can unmask as to occult the truth on the words; being able to be dissimulated, masked, to punish many times.